Park and Charge reveals Oxfordshire is warming up to electric vehicles with new post-campaign survey

A year on from our initial EV survey, in October 2022 we carried out a comprehensive survey of local residents to assess their attitudes towards electric vehicles, their readiness to make the switch and the extent to which our project was encouraging this transition.

The online survey was distributed via social media with assistance from Oxfordshire County Council and the local District Council teams, gathering a very wide sample of more than 1,700 respondents.

And the results were very encouraging indeed.

  • 17% said that Park and Charge would benefit them directly and it’s likely they would use the chargers
  • In fact, 89% of those surveyed had a positive response to the scheme, even if it would not benefit them immediately or directly
  • 70% of respondents said they were likely to consider an EV for their next car, with 53% saying it was ‘very likely’

These are just some of the findings contained in the reports, both the full and summary versions of which you can read here: